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21 st Century Metaphysics

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Dr. John Hozvicka D.MSc., D.Sc., D.D., Ph.D



1. University of Metaphysics: Studio City, California

+ He earned his Bachelor of Metaphysical Science  (Msc.B) January 24, 1986

2. Lafayette University, Aurora Colorado

+Doctor of Science June 16, 1989

3. St. Anthony’s Seminary

+ He earned his Bachelor of Art degree in Theology from St. Anthony’s Orthodox Seminary,  Nov. 5, 1989

4, Institute of Jewish & Christian Studies:

+ He enrolled in a one year, independent course study (12 courses) and received his diploma Nov. 1, 1991

5. Agape of Jesus Seminary:

Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree, September 6, 1991

Master of Divinity Degree, earned through course studies, September 6, 2005

6. Universal Life Church:

Honorary Doctor of Metaphysics and his Ph.D. in religious philosophy in 1993

Published two books titled "A Primer in Biblical  Studies" and the "Catholic Talmud" the Nine Orders of Divinity.

Have written over 125 Biblical lessons in 23 courses.