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New Concepts and theories of Scientific Interest

21 st Century Metaphysics

Moving forward with new ideas

Dr. John Hozvicka Msc.B, D.Sc., DD



1. University of Metaphysics: Studio City, California

+ He earned his Bachelor of Metaphysical Science  (Msc.B) January 24, 1986

2. Lafayette University, Aurora Colorado

+Doctor of Science June 16, 1989

3. St. Anthony’s Seminary

+ He earned his Bachelor of Art degree in Theology from St. Anthony’s Orthodox Seminary,  Nov. 5, 1989

4, Institute of Jewish & Christian Studies:

+ He enrolled in a one year, independent course study (12 courses) and received his diploma Nov. 1, 1991

5. Agape of Jesus Seminary:

Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree, September 6, 1991

Master of Divinity Degree, earned through course studies, September 6, 2005