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  Moving Forward with Ideas, Concepts and New Theories 

  21 st Century Metaphysical Thinking

  Open mind thinking leads to new discoveries 

Twenty  First  Century  Metaphysics


All true intellectual scientists, in their life, must come to the reality that the universe is filled with, moved by, controlled, and altered by the Spirit  of creation that emanates from a supreme intellectual and divine mind; the Creator of all things. “


                                                                                        Dr. John A. Hozvicka D.Sc.

                                                                                            1952 -

The metaphysical equation used in the following articles on this website is not set in mathematical terms, however, if numbers were to be included then is would be in a form of measurement, but the symbols used are an expression of new formulated thoughts and theories on metaphysical subjects  of the cosmos. These metaphysical equations will not only state the fact, but helps us understand certain principles that govern our biological existence  and the operation of the universe. It is not my intention to discredit modern day physicist or their theories but merely to help open minded physicist to understand the Spiritual aspect and involvement in our universe and in physics.


      This is done to help metaphysical scholars to achieve a clear understanding on metaphysics subjects in question. It is my objective to theoretically explain the basic teachings of 21st century metaphysics in an equation term, thereby setting a precedent for scientific studies and research. Once these equations are proven and verified they will become the standard fact and a foundation for new metaphysical understanding for all times.    

     Metaphysics as it is talked about today is a matter of opinion; the exchanging of ideas and everyone particular view of the subject is reviewed differently each according to their understanding. What I am attempting to do here is to lay down a foundation of principles for others, like you, to join me as Meta-Physicist like myself, to help explain and expand the knowledge of metaphysics as stated facts using equation symbols.  

     At the start of this writing in 1992 and to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever attempted to set up a standard system, in which a common ground is established for all Meta-Physicist to work from. A system which shall explain the principles of metaphysics using equation symbols, even the very essence of life itself some-day.

  It is my hope that this ground work will inspire others to follow my footsteps; I am talking about a new way in which to understand metaphysics, of Nature and the known Universe, from a new view or perspective, in a new light.

     When you decide to study and research the science or philosophy of metaphysics using equation terms, you must realize that metaphysics was, is, and always shall be a spiritual/religious science. Metaphysics as a religious science has no church teachings (doctrines). It is a general science accepted by all of the great world religions, because they all believe in the existence of the human spirit, the working of the human soul, and the action of universal forces. In Metaphysics we seek to understand the elements of spirit, universal forces, its influences and involvement with matter, energy as we know and understand them creating bio-matter, bio-dynamic fields, and their effects and potentials.

The Unknown Factor

     Every scientist whiter a physicist or a meta-physicist faces the fear of the unknown factor of new theories and concepts. This is because they approach it with a closed mind and the result is that science then moves forward slowly. Every genius had to fight tooth and nail through much opposition before his or her new idea, concepts and theories is accepted. Just because you don’t like the new theories does not mean that it has no use or it is not correct and accurate.

     Many people always approach new things with a closed mind which makes it harder to truly understand the new idea and theory result in rejecting it. Whenever you approach new idea with a closed mind, it is normal human nature coming from the subconscious mind to start disproving it, finding faults resulting in rejecting it, all to conform to your core belief of your subconscious mind, without even being aware of your action. This is known as a negative reaction of the mind that goes against the core belief of the subconscious mind.


      Those scientists that approach new concepts and ideas with an open mind along with joy and excited happiness approach it with an open subconscious mind that will be ready to understand new theories; now science can and will move much faster into the discovery of new things. Science is just now beginning to understand and accept the fact that their consciousness can influence and alter the results of their experiments. This is why the universe acts and reacts according to its nature because it is a conscious universe influence by human thought.


                                                       Enjoy my research posted here