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Bio-Dynamic Fields

Copyrighted-(C) 2006


Dr. John A. Hozvicka  D.Msc., D.Sc., D.D., Ph.D

Theoretical Meta-physicist


     After the creation of all life form, such as human, animal, and plant life, each now generate a bio-dynamic field, a mixture of spirit and ions integrated as one creating this field. It is in tune with our mind and body. This field possesses various qualities that can be very beneficial to those who know how to use them. Example: through the use of our sixth sense in association to the bio-dynamic fields we can heighten our sensitivities.


     This field is used to obtain intuitive ideas and inspiration, along with sensing danger and sensing emotions such as anger, hate, confusion, or that something is wrong. Through the observation of the human aura, we are able to detect illness. We come to the conclusion that we are illuminating beings existing within an organic body. In times of telepathy the bio-dynamic field acts as an antenna for our mind to reach out to other life forms.


     We know of Bio-Dynamic fields that surround all living things through the discovery of “Kirlian” photography discovered in 1939 by a Russian electrician named Semyon Kirlian. His work and photos prove the existence of an energy field that I call Bio-Dynamic fields.




     A number of interesting facts we have learned from this research is what I will talk about now. The first is the ability for bio-dynamic field to project false images, because when a photograph of a leaf is taken, the bio-dynamic field becomes visible and can be seen. When you cut a portion of the leaf from the main body and remove it then take another photograph we find that the leaf bio-dynamic field remembers the portion that has been removed and project a false image of the missing piece, as if that piece is still attached.


Interaction between fields:


     The second interesting point in this research is that emotions play an important role in the activity of the bio-dynamic fields. When two people are in love and when these two people touch each other, the field becomes stronger and brighter. It is also believed that this is why people are able to sense things, through their bio-dynamic field. Things such as eminent danger, or that something is wrong, and the strong emotion of love or evil in other people. I believe bio-dynamic field is used to measure what most people call “Chemistry,” in relationships. This ability to sense things does not come easy to everyone. You must be in tune with yourself to experience such things. Those who can and are able to help others are said to have this gift.


Living Essence:


     Even a drop of blood possessed a bio-dynamic field, because it is a living substance. The human blood contains life within it possessing ions and other electrical charges.


Metaphysical equation on bio-dynamic fields.


                                                                   Pb # Au

                                                       (E^) ------------


   [*S+Mi]- (Y) Bm - (Y) Bf


                                                        (V)) ------------

                                                                     Vi = &


     We know that some people have the gift of seeing the bio-dynamic field of other people in the form of an aura. This aura project different colors and this help the metaphysician to determine the condition of that person health. There is an interconnection between the human body, the spiritual life force, and the conscious soul.



In the stated bracket as a fact we see that divine spirit (*S) animates (+) inorganic matter (Mi) creates (Y) bio-matter (Bm) and (-) and creating (Y) a bio-dynamic field (Bf).


Equation 2

Bio-dynamic field Emanate (E^) from a physical body (Pb) that generates (#) an aura that projects an energy field and (-) Spectrum of colors (Sc.).


Equation 3

The bio-dynamic field (Bf) also possess (V) form (Fr) and (-) having vibration (Vi) which resulting in (=) Alternating polarity (&). Bio-dynamic field exists around or is emitted from all life forms.


     Because Bio-Dynamic field is the integration between spirit and ions, and at times its existence can transcend universal laws; and display paranormal phenomena’s.  It can also be directed by human consciousness/thought.



Recharging Life Force:


     When you are in a state of meditation using visualizing of a white light coming down on you from the universe energizing your bio-dynamic field; the field becomes stronger and the people at times feels refresh and full of energy.