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The Creation of Bio-Matter

Copyrighted-(C) 2006


Dr. John A. Hozvicka  B.Msc., D.Sc., D.D.

Theoretical Meta-physicist


     By nature, I am a man who strongly believes in the art of simplicity.  In my writings, I try never to use specialized terminology. The subject matter I will be addressing is this metaphysical equation for the understanding of the creation of Bio-matter or living matter. The name “Bio” means life or living and “matter” means material or substance, resulting in the study of living matter or life in general, the organic human being.


     First we must define the word Life that will give us an understanding of its meaning, using definition and quotations from authoritative sources. We need to define various words in order to lay a foundation for the understanding of this metaphysical equation.


New Life: In the definition of new life there are two factors that give the essential evidence and these are spontaneity and immanent movement. (The Catholic Encyclopedia, Broderick, 1976


Spontaneity: Occurring, acting, or arising without apparent external causes (Webster II).


Immanent: existing within 1. Inherent, and 2. Restricted to the mind; subject (Webster II).


     According to the two different definitions which I have just given, life is a living organism that have the ability to grow, carry on the process of metabolism, respond to stimuli, eliminate waste and are able to reproduce. In essence, they maintain life for all living things because life is within them.




1: The property or quality by which living organisms are distinguished from dead organisms or inanimate matter, ESP. As shown in the ability to grow, carry on metabolism, or respond to stimuli, and to reproduce. (Webster’s II New Riverside Dictionary, 1984)


2: “A living cell or group of cells differentiated into functionally distinct parts which are interdependent.” (New American Medical Dictionary 1978).


3: “Any living thing, which may consist of a single cell or a group of cells differentiated into functionally distinct part which are interdependent.” (Bantam Medical Dictionary, 1981)


     Now we come to the question of what force or energy is used to cause the organism to come to life? As we look deeper into the actual cell structure, we find that it is made up of protoplasm. Now, we ask the question, what is protoplasm?


1: “The complex jelly-like colloid that forms the living substance or plant and animal cells.” (Webster II)


2: Protoplasm (living matter) cannot be defined in the usual scientific manner. Many of its chemical constituents have been isolated and identified. Many of the structure of a cell have been seen by the use of the microscope. Yet, after more than a century of intense study, there is still some quality (energy) of the living matter which enables it to grow, repair itself, and reproduce, and this is what is not understood. (Health Manual by Dr. James Hilbe ND, 1985)


     Dr. Victor Inyushin of Russia, at Kazakh University calls protoplasm Bioplasma and suggests that this substance produces what he calls a Bioplasmic energy field. He states that this field is composed of ions, free protons, and free electrons. Dr. Inyushin concluded that since this state of existence is completely different from the three know states of matter (sold, liquid, gas) plasma now becomes the fourth state. He suggests that Bioplasmic energy field is the fourth state of matter.

     This living matter “Protoplasm” is found in all forms of life that exist in the three kingdom of nature (human, animal and plants). It is accepted that protoplasm is the foundation from which all life is based on. But what is living matter (Bio-Matter)? What level of intelligence does it possess which enables it to grow, repair, reproduce, metabolize and eliminate waste? What is the force or energy source which gives bio-matter life?

     Before we can answer this question we need to further define two other elements which play an important role in the understanding of Life. These two elements are:

1. Matter and, 2. Spirit.


1: What a thing is made of: constituent substance or materia

2: What all-matter things are made of…matter is regarded as the opposite of mind, spirit...(Webster’s New world Dictionary, 1984).

3: Matter is made up of a combination of approximately 100 chemical building blocks known as elements. (The health manual by Dr. James Hilbe, ND, 1985)


     All material things are made of matter, much as: a desk, a chair, and millions of other things. Before we can continue we need to define matter further into two states of existence.

Inorganic State: Not organic; specific, a designing or composed of matter that is not animal or vegetable; not having the organized structure of living things. (Webster, 1984)

Organic State: designating or of any chemical compound containing carbon…having the characteristics of or derived from a living organism. (Webster, 184)


     The elements which make up matter are: Potassium, Sodium, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Sulfur and many others. Through the process of photosynthesis in plants, raw inorganic material are taken from the soil through the roots and carried up to the stem and leaves where it is combined with natural sun light and the structure of the element undergo a change. By adding a carbon molecule the element transform from an inorganic state to an organic state. A dead element, through the miracle of photosynthesis becomes a living matter.

     The second element spirit is the driving force or underlying energy that integrates (binds, become as one) with the dead inorganic matter transforming it into a living matter or organism. Now, we must turn to the understanding of the word “spirit.”


     Since the word spirit is not generally used in the scientific community we must now turn to other circles for our source of information, and that source will come from the religious community, under the branch that study theology and divinity.

1: The immortal essence, animating principle, and actuating cause of a person’s life. (Dictionary of the Liturgy, 1989)

2: The word “spirit” comes to us from the Hebrew word Rauach which means breathe, wind, vital element, and mind. Translated from the Greek word Pneuma it means breath, wind, and spirit. It is the divine energy or life giving principle that animates (bring to life) human beings. It is the energizing spark of essential life to individual existence. (Seventh-Day Adventist Bible Dictionary, volume 8, 1979 ED

     We must make the distinction between the understandings of two forms energy:


  1.      Divine Spiritual energy: known to man through observation, but not completely understood, but existing at a very high level of vibration that creates and sustains all life. The very essence that created our known universe.

  1.      Mechanical energy: This is the energy we all know of such as gravity, electrical & magnetic energy, light, cosmic rays, X-ray, microwave, radio wave, ultra-violet rays, Kinetic energy, etc.

Metaphysical Equation

     With the clear understanding of various words which were properly defined we can now proceed to the formula that expresses the stated fact of creation of all living things. In the study of Metaphysics equation we use the symbol [ ] bracket to state a fact. 


                                                                 {S % Mi}

                                               [*S + Mi] ~ ---------- = {1:} Y {Bm}

                                                               V {Fr}-{Vi)


 Equation: We can now state this fact found within the [ ] bracket, that universal divine spirit (*S), the underlying cause of all creation, animates (+) inorganic matter (Mi), causing (~) spirit (S), to integrate (%) with matter (Mi), thereby possessing (V), form (Fr), and having vibration (Vi), thus resulting (=) as one (1:) unit united, thereby creating (Y) Bio-mater {Bm}.


     When we say animated, we are talking about an alteration and transformation through integration resulting in the creation of life. The foundation of this equation is that the integrating process of the “spirit” which is the underlying force or energetic spark and life principle that animates dead inorganic matter creating a living matter, organism (life).


     When life stops, all elements will then return to its original form and place. The Bio-matter will return to its original state as inorganic matter and the spirit will return to the Creator who gave it “Then shall the dust (inorganic matter) return to the earth as it was: and the spirit (life principle) shall return unto God (Creator) who gave it.” Eccl. 12:7


     Dr. John White and Dr. Stanley Knippner found in their research that the universal energy field (UEF) (body energy) is the opposite of entropy. In the absence of the energy (UEF) the process of entropy is sure.


Note: Entropy is the process of slow decay so commonly known as death, a breaking down process of matter returning to its original state before it was animated.


Reverse Equation


     The reverse formula explains the process of a transformation and change that result in death or stops the existence of life in general.


                                                      @ [*S <> Bm] ~ X = ?


Equation: The reverse (@) equation states [ ] that when the divine spirit (*S) leaves or separates (<>) itself from Bio-matter (Bm), will cause (~) a transformation (X) of elements resulting (=) in returning to its original state (?). In regards to the human body is dead.



    The changing of elements from one state of existence to another is a real process of nature and in the universe as a whole. Let me give you an example: When steal is subject to high heat, an outside source of energy, an allow it the right amount of time and the correct degree of heat (temperature), the motion of steal will speed up to a higher level of vibration and alter, change, and transform itself from a solid state of matter to a liquid state. Allow it more time and yet higher heat, the liquid steal, now in a molten state, will again transform itself into a vaporous gaseous state.


“I ran to realize that a relationship existed between ideas (thought) and substances.” P238

                                 Anthony J. Fisichella