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“The Cosmology of a Conscious Universe”

Copyrighted-(C) 2014


Dr. John A. Hozvicka D.Msc., D.Sc., D.D., Ph.D

Theoretical Meta-physicist


     God’s divine Spirit emanated from His very being and directed by his divine consciousness exercised a force at the universe maximum moment and brought our universe into existence. By lowering the vibration of his creating Spirit to a frequency level equal to the manifestation of our known universe; on a visible level of the creation of matter and energy with light becoming the first element of creation.


     At this time the five basic element of nature came into being: matter (earth), air, fire, water, and energy (spirit). Spiritual energy is the essence that creates and sustains all life, creating vibration and motion establishing all matter, energy, and life. As God exits, so energy exists, as God is eternal so energy is eternal as long as God exists. So in reality energy is really spirit manifesting itself in various forms and levels of vibrations as matter and energy? This makes God the first cause of everything in creation.


                                              [*C. - *S] y Ms – Eg = Physical universe


Equation: Divine consciousness (*C.) and (-) divine Spirit (*S) creates (y) mass (Ms) and (-) energy (Eg) resulting in (=) physical universe.


     The consciousness of the universe, will influences, alter, changes, integrates and continue to create all and everything we see and know in the universe and the metaphysical equation can be expressed in the following formula.


                                          # - & - X - %                 Ti - S

                        [*C. - *S] ~ -------------------- = (y) ----------------       ^  T:

                                        (y)  Ms – Eg                Gr – Em (Eg) - Lt    


Equation: Divine Consciousness (*C.) and (-) divine Spirit (*S) causing (~) the generation (#) and (-) altering (&) and (-) change (X) and (-) Integration (%) the creating (y) of Mass (Ms) and (-) energy (Eg) resulting (=) in the creation (y) of time (Ti) and (-) space (Sp) gravitation (Gr) and (-) Electromagnetic (Em) energy (Eg) and (-) Light (Lt). Influenced (^) by thought (T:).


“Spirit makes things out of itself through some, inner act upon itself. This inner act must, of course, be an act of consciousness, of self-perception, of self-knowingness. What God knows is. This has been called the word of God and the self-contemplation of God.” The Science of Mind,

                                                                                   Ernest Holmes


“Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that there is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe. A spirit vastly superior to that of man”

                                                                                          Albert Einstein



      Spirit is not a mechanical force as many think like electricity or magnetism. Spirit is energy at a high level of existence. Universal consciousness is not God and it is not God consciousness. God created the universe but universal consciousness, in reality, is a mixture of human thoughts and the thoughts of other intelligent beings in our universe not yet known to us. All we do know of is that of the angelic host. 


     The mixture of all these thought patterns are influencing our universe causing change and manifesting its self in accordance to these thoughts patterns. What we see is an altering and unfolding universe in references to the various thought patterns influencing it, causing it to act.


                                                                 [Ct = It – C.] = De.


Equation: Creative thought (Ct) is the result of (=) an intelligent (It) and (-) consciousness (C.) resulting (=) in a design (De.) having purpose.  


Creative thought possess both positive thought patterns and negative thought patterns in the form of energy.


                                                          Ct  V  {Ptp – Ntp} = {T./Eg}


Equation: Creative thought (Ct) possessing (V) positive thought patterns (Ptp) and (-) negative thought patterns (Ntp) resulting (=) thought (T.) energy (Eg).


     It is this human thought energy, directed by consciousness, is what influences and moves the universe making it come alive with life. Now think of a trillion thought energy from billions of people moving around in space influencing and altering, creating change where matter and energy are transforming and exchanging reality.


                                                                                 I^  M - Eg

                                                             {T./Eg} = --------------

                                                                                 [Em] - Gr


Equation: Thought Energy (T./Eg) results in (=) influencing (I^) mass (M) and (-) Energy (Eg) and (-) electromagnet energy (Em) and (-) Gravity (Gr).


Vibrational Energy


     Every molecule in the universe vibrates at its own speed and level of frequency causing the release of vibrational energy. The speed and level of frequency in which matter vibrates in a motion of moving back and forth, properly correlates with the type of matter it is.


     All things in creation, all matter and all energy is Spirit vibrating on different levels of existence; each having its own level of frequency. The denser the matter of an object is, lower the vibration. Example: Sold matter has a lower vibration than that of liquid, and liquid has a lower vibration than that of gases and gases has a lower vibration than that of electrical and magnetic energy and so on all the way to the state of the highest level of vibration, that of divine Spirit.


“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrixes of all matter.”


                                                                                                              Max Planck



Metaphysical Equation

“The Conscious Soul”


     When the Spirit enters the inorganic matter animating it and giving it form (body), bringing to it life, possessing a brain in which to house the human mind, then and only then is the conscious soul created. Man consciousness, his soul is a reflection of God and part of God’s universal consciousness in which it influences the physical reality of our universe. To understand our conscious soul is to understand the consciousness of the Universe.


Biblical teaching on Man’s Creation


     The soul, the seat of man’s consciousness and the reflected image of God (Gen. 1:26) is the end result of matter and spirit coming together, integrating and become one or co-existing as one. (Gen. 2:7), the spirit that is united with the inorganic body, bringing it to life, will constitute the human being.


     In the metaphysical and religious circles, we used the word spirit to describe the invisible and unknown force or energy source which animates all living matter. Like electricity, we know of its existence through observation. From the Eastern and Western school of philosophy the word spirit has many other names (spirit, chi, prana, radionic, biofield, bioplasma, orgone, etheric and now what I call Bio-matter) and various meanings, much depending upon the cultures and school of thoughts associated in that geographical area.


1: The vital principle in man. Also, it denotes the rational, immortal soul by which man is distinguished… it designates the divine nature. (Today’s Dictionary of the Bible, 1982


Man’s conscious soul is part of the Divine consciousness of God, yet it retains its own single identity and being immortal in an organic body.


     Man’s conscious soul has the ability of self-awareness, to reason, to learn and to understand, to think (creative thought) and has the ability of imagination, endowed also with freewill and free choice. The conscious soul reflects the divine image of the Creator (Gen 1:26). Upon death the conscious soul returns to the universal divine consciousness, yet existing as an individual luminous being like that of the angels and the body returns to basic matter of the earth (Eccl. 12:7).


     The soul records all of our life experience, thoughts and actions that it can be aware of and perceive through our senses. This is why I call it the conscious soul, for the soul is the thinking process of man existence. It is the essence that reflects the image of God within us, from which we are able to exercise free will, imagination, creative thought and freedom of choice. The five senses give us a connection to the physical world, making us aware of our existence in it.


“For in Him we move and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, for we are also his offspring.” Acts 17:28




      We know that intelligence is the ability to learn and understand from our experience; having the ability to acquire and retain knowledge; resulting our ability to reason come up with solutions and solve problems.


      Intelligence is the result of creative thought that has proper thinking and reasoning ability. Imagination frees the mind and inspires ideals and solution that can provide a great deal of pleasure.



The Equation of the Conscious Soul


                                                                        {Ct. - Mr}          

                                                            C. V   ---------------

                                                                       {Tp} - {Ptp - Ntp}   


                                                            [H^]V -------------:    

                                                                     {Sc. – Cc.}


                                                          Sc. V -----------------   

                                                                      {Ig – Me}




                                                            Cc. V -----------------



Equation #1: The human soul (H^) possess (V) a conscious mind (C.) and a subconscious mind (Sc.) and a Collective consciousness (Cc.).


Equation #2: the conscious (C.) possess creative thought (Ct.) and mental reasoning ability (Mr) and thought pattern (Tp) possess (V) Positive thought pattern (Ptp) and Negative thought pattern (Ntp).


Equation #3: the subconscious mind (Sc.) possess (V) Delta level (D1), Theta level (T1), Alpha level (A1) and Beta level (B1) of consciousness, also possessing (V) Imagination (Ig) and (-) memory (Me).


Equation #4: The collective conscious mind (Cc.) possess (V) universal intelligent (TT) and Intuitive awareness (Int).


     The lower form of intelligent found in simple life forms such as plants and other higher form such as animals rely on Mother Nature intuitive guidance in times of trouble. Example: when animals become sick they can’t run to a medical doctors for help like humans, so they rely on the wisdom of Mother Nature intuitive guidance through what we call instincts; and this is why my dog stops eating and goes on a fast, to help promote the body self-healing process. Humans can learn much from animals that rely on Mother Nature for help.


     With our intelligent we can use our knowledge to exercise the conscious mind to control our environment and potentialize our inner abilities. This form of exercise is known as “Applied Metaphysics and is used today in the field of wellness health care and integrative medicine. With applied metaphysics we can learn stress modification, learn how to build confidence, overcome fear, develop creativity for business and art, stop smoking, lose weight, promote artistic expression, enhance teaching skills, and attract positive love and hundreds of other things important to us in our life. This is all achieved through the control of positive and negative thought patterns.


Self-Image Paradigm


     The inner core of your very existence is founded upon the ideals, beliefs, opinions, concepts, teachings and various information that have all been recorded by the subconscious mind, your programmed paradigm. Because of this inner paradigm, this is who you are, what you have been programmed to become whether it was done by you or by others (parents, family, friends). Now your life is the direct result of your subconscious paradigm. In order for you to become better or change your life you have to change your paradigm belief system. I will simply walk you through the understanding of the working of your mind. Human thought is a form of energy that vibrates at a higher frequency level than that of the human body, thus human thought energy is invisible and of a higher spiritual nature; a high level of vibration. Human thoughts emanates from many levels of existence in the human mind. The mind is divided into two sections, the “Conscious Mind” and the “Subconscious Mind,” each independent of action of each other, yet each unified as one with each other, this makes up the collective consciousness.


The Conscious Mind: The objective mind                      

    1. The creative mind, the thinking mind   

    2. The Educated mind, the learning mind

    3. The intellectual mind

    4. The reasoning mind, problem solver


The Subconscious Mind: subjective mind  

    1. The Emotional mind  

    2. The Inner Core of your Belief System  

    3. Your Programmed Paradigm   

    4. Your controlled Habits      

    5. Abstract Concepts              


     Your inner core system holds all the information and understanding about life; your religious beliefs and views, your political opinions, and your various views on everything that goes on around you in your environment. It has recorded all your life experiences, the happiness, joy, and the sadness, the unhappy things in life. But most important of all is the “SELF-IMAGE” you have of yourself, which controls your current life style of events.


     You are who you are, because of how your self-image conception of you. Your self-image is what your programmed paradigm believes you to be. You see, 90% of the time, what you consciously believe about yourself is not always what your programmed paradigm believes. If you earn only $20,000 dollar a year, it’s because your self-image paradigm believes that’s all you’re able to earn. If you want to earn $20,000 a month, then you have to shift the belief of your paradigm to believe you can, because you’re worth it.