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The Essence of Light

Copyrighted-(C) 2017


Dr. John A. Hozvicka D.Msc. D.Sc. D.D.

Theoretical Meta-physicist


     Spirituality lies beyond the material or physical world of proof where we need to see and touch, to observe and examine so we can understand; it’s beyond what can be measured and act under certain laws and principles. It is made up of and anchored in the subconscious mind; the realm of belief, mystery, and faith. And yet for all the mystery that surrounds it, spirituality is vital to our well-being because of its interconnection and interaction between mind and body. It is the foundation of our most closely held values, the seat of our trust, belief and hope.

Spirit and Human Life:

     Spirituality brings purpose and meaning to life, it will grow in wisdom and love. We begin to experience a sense of awe, a sense of connection to all of life, and a deep reverence for the Divine. We find ourselves moved to prayers of gratitude and moments of spontaneous worship. Spirituality calls a human being to a life of trust and service. When our spirituality is nurtured and vibrant, we’re “connected.” This connection is both a sense of relationship to the Creator, Great Spirit, or God (Divine Force), as well as a relationship to all people and to Mother Earth (our life-giving environment). Spirituality takes us beyond our ego-centered lives by expanding our hearts and filling it with compassion toward all.

Note: The American Academy of Family Physicians states “Spirituality is the way you find meaning, hope and comfort and inner peace within yourself.”  The foundation of holistic spiritually has defined spiritually as “The natural human connection with the wonders and energies of nature, the cosmos and all reality that existences,” with an instinct and drive to explore and understand everything around.

Spirit and the physical realm

     We in metaphysics believe that the spirit is the all encompassing energy or force, invisible, yet vibrant and filling all areas of the universe; for it take the place of what was once thought of as either. The spirit is

all around us, in us, and can move through us, for it’s in the wind, water, fire, earth and air. It exists within all matter and energy, it can act as a wave or particles, and it can bind things together and lose them again. It has the ability to animate things (bring them to life), and no laws of physics can touch it or have a hold on it; it acts according to the directed will of the Creator. The Divine Spirit of the Creator can act and interact with all matter and energy of the universe including our planet earth. By altering its level of frequency thus changing its vibration, it can create, influence, alter, change, bind, animate, and unfold.

Spirit and light:


Like that of Spirit, light has the ability to alter itself depending on what medium it is traveling through, it can act as a wave or as a particle. Light travels through the earth atmosphere as a particle but can alter itself as a wave to travel through the vacuum of space. Then we must conclude that light is a thinking element, with limited ability to know and understand its existence within various forms of medium, such as air, water, heat (fire), and earth. There is an underlying field that holds light together and allows it to alter and still stay together and that field is spirit.

                                              Fg - Vb

                             [S* X Eg] Y --------------- {Sc.} = Y Lt

                                              Wa - Pa


Equation: Creative Spirit (S*) alters and changes energy (X) creating (y) frequency and vibration (Fq - Vb) and (-) wave (Wa) and (-) particle (Pa) according to its spectrum of colors (Sc.) resulting in (=) creation of (Y) light (Lt).


Some may say, light has the ability to think? Ridicules and they will refuse to accept this concept; which tells me they have a close mind to new ideas. Let take a simple cell of our body, and I say the cell can think for it’s self on a limited basic level. Because this cell knows how to consume food, eliminate waist and how to reproduce itself, so it thinks. Light can be explained on this same basic idea. Let us remember, that light is unique because it was the first element of creation (Gen. 1:2), in our universe.


 The Structure of Light


Thanks to Einstein, Light as we know it is made up of waves and of particles along with a spectrum of colors with each color existing on its own level of frequency. Visible light is made up of a mixture of colors combined together on a frequency wave lengthen causing light to appear white to the human eye and visible called by physicist as electromagnetic radiation. However, light does not exist for the sake of light there must be an underlying energy to bring light into existence and a force to move it from one point to another. Each color exists according to its level of frequency and what holds all these colors together creating white (Visible) light. The energy in the creation of light is the Spirit of creation, the point of beginning which acts as a medium by which light can travel through space and other medium such as atmosphere, and water, etc. The Spirit of creation is what holds light together as a wave and particle that is made up of a mixture of colors; and without it there would be no light.


Within that broad spectrum the wavelengths visible to humans occupy a very narrow band, from about 700 nanometers (nm; billionths of a meter) for red light down to about 400 nm for violet light. The physicist is interested in the physical properties of light, the Botanist who appreciate the life-sustaining process of photosynthesis; the Meta-physicist concerns himself with the spiritual aspect of light, the source of its creation.

                                   R-400-O-484-Y-508 (THz)

        [S* X Fq – Vb] Y ------------------------------    = Sc.

                                   G-526-B-606-V-668 (THz)


Since the mid-20th century, a more comprehensive theory of light, known as quantum electrodynamics (QED), has been regarded by physicists as complete. QED combines the ideas of classical electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, and the special theory of relativity. Light has the ability to altar itself; it acts as a wave one moment and can later act as a particle in another moment. To move as a wave or as a particle according to which medium it moves through. The creative Spirit binds and holds all the colors together in a wave, and the particle of light live in the frame work of the color spectrum . All the universe is filled with light, both visible and invisible, we can only see the light our eyes are able to see within a certain frequency range.