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Matter and Energy

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Dr. John A. Hozvicka D.Msc., D.Sc., D.D.

Theoretical Meta-physicist

    The most underlying truth in all science is the understanding of the concept of Energy in a physical (mechanical) universe. The understanding of energy is an important element in the study of Metaphysics in relationship to the universe and all created things. Our universe is made up of various forms of energy, all vibrating and moving at its own rate of speed measured in frequency known as Hertz (Hz) named after Heinrich Hertz its founder, in accordance to its creation. Matter in its various form of state, sold, liquid, and gas are all forms of energy existing in various levels of vibration. Noble prize winner Max Planck founder of Quantum mechanics stated in his law "Planck constant" in his formula (E = h v)

 all forms of energy exist, move, or vibrates at a constant frequency.

     Science has long known that our universe is made up of energy, all is energy. Religious leaders, theologians, spiritual people understand that the Divine Spirit of the Creator has the ability to alter, mode, change, and shape the physical energy in our universe. When the Divine Spirit moves to create something, that something seems to always fall into one of three categories. 1. inorganic matter such as rocks, crystals, planets etc. 2. Organic matter, living things such as plants and vegetation, animals, insects, fungus, bacteria, viruses and humans and finally 3. Invisible high frequency form of energy such as gravity, electricity, electromagnet fields, radiation, cosmic rays, X-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and microwave. 

     Energy is an intangible “force” that can take various shapes and forms, on various level of existence. It can manifest itself in the natural flow of electrical current. It may appear as heat, light, and magnetism.  On an atomic level it may appear as chemical energy, gaseous energy, or sold material energy. In metaphysics we say all matter and created things, in any form or level of existence in itself is a form of energy. Some, in its raw lower state such as matter (sold substance), some in its higher level of existence such as light and magnetism; and yet still higher form of energy such as radiation and cosmic rays such as ultraviolet rays, x-rays, microwave etc. Energy can exist on various levels of existence, within various levels of frequency all according to its nature at its point of creation.

     The Bible holds much scientific truth, many wise statement of wisdom. All people at one point must come to the realization that a supreme intelligence being brought our universe into existence and is the Creator of mankind, and every living and non-living thing upon this earth. Our universe has order; it exists within the divine plan for the purpose of a design, unfolding before us. This testifies to the truth that an intelligent, majestic, and most holy and divine being outside of our dimension of reality, exercised an infinite force greater than the universe was at it maximum moment, and brought it into existence.

“..And upholding all things by the word of his power…” Hebrew 1:3

     This divine Spirit flows all around us, and through us, and lives within us. It binds us with our Creator, establishing between God and man a very special union of a personal nature, and it binds the universe together. The Holy Book say that only the angels of heaven are able to look upon the face and glory of God (Matt. 18:10).

     God is the first cause of everything that exists in the universe. God is the Creator and He is eternal and He is Spirit “God is Spirit…” (John 4:24). God is a divine conscious, intelligent Spirit. At the point of creation of the universe and that of the earth His divine Spirit moved, touched, and created energy (Gen. 1:1-2), and sustains all levels of energy, matter, electromagnetic energy and light; all that exists by His grace and power of His own divine Spirit.

     As God exist, energy exist, as God is eternal, energy is eternal; so in reality energy is really divine Spirit manifesting its self in various forms of vibration as energy; as long as God exists all that has been created and continues to create exists.

     In quantum physics physicist have come to that level of understanding of what wise and enlighten teachers and theologians over the centuries have taught in their spiritual texts, that we are all one.

     Due to the various structures and forms with their associated frequencies of the subatomic particles and their formations that make up the various sub-atomic particles which comprise them; quantum physicist have come to the final conclusion that once you break down any matter to its subatomic particles level in its purest form they too, at their very core are all made up of this “one Energy” we call spirit. Everything vibrates as pure energy that is intricately interconnected to everything else together in our universe.

     Everything that exists whether it be a human, dog, flower, oil, water, color, oxygen, chair, car, moon, planets & stars, exists only as a result of this very same energy; divine spirit that hold this universe together.

        In Metaphysics it is safe to say the energy can be expressed as a fact in this equation.

[*S  (Y)  Fr = Vi (:) Fq (Y) Eg ]

Equation #1: The divine Spirit, being part of the divine essence of the Creator acts on its own authority, creates with design and purpose. So divine Spirit (*S) creates (Y) form (Fr) resulting in (=) vibration (Vi) Equivalent to (:) its level of frequency (Fq) creating (Y) Energy (Eg).

     Form can manifest itself visibly such as matter, fire; light, steam, and it can manifest itself invisibly in the form of heat, magnetism, and electricity. All energy regardless at what frequency it is vibrating at has form. Form can come in any shape or size in any state of existence, sold, liquid, gas, or electron form. The equation for form should read like this:

Fr (\) Vi (:) Fq # Eg (:) Fr

Equation #2: Form (Fr) possess (\) Vibration (Vi) that is Equivalent to its level of frequency (Fq) generating (#) Energy (Eg) at its point of creation, in accordance to its form (Fr).

In simple terms, if the divine Spirit creates an apple than that apple will vibrate at the frequency level of an apple according to its created form.

Matter & Energy

     All matter (mass) is energy that vibrates at a low level of frequency and if we were to speed up the vibration of matter it will change into some form of energy. This is true when we slow down the vibration of energy, it will transform itself into matter. This has been shown to be true from the equation Einstein set forth as E=MC2.  The potential of energy within Matter (mass) is equal to the speed of light squared. Einstein equation states that a small amount of mass (matter) can be converted into a very large amount of energy. An example of this statement is the atom bomb; which a small amount of uranium, once split, releases a very large amount of energy; enough to destroy an entire city 10 miles wide.  

     From a Metaphysical understanding, Matter in reality is a battery of stored up energy ready to be released at any time when we increase its vibration, for any purpose when directed from an outside source. 

Invisible Energy:

     These are some of the invisible energy in our universal that make up the solar winds and are studied my physicist.


Cosmic Rays

Infrared rays




Electromagnet energy

Ultra-wave rays


And Others.


     In the days of Moses, electricity was not known, but that does not mean that it didn’t exist. Just because we cannot see it, hear it, smell it or touch it does not mean it’s not real and does not exist. Things that are invisible can only be studied by observing it action and reaction in the lab and examine the results.The Creator divine Spirit is the highest form of energy unknown to us at this time, yet it plays a major role in the creation of our physical matter and energy in our universe as we know it. Remember, every form of matter and energy vibrates at its own level of frequency.