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  Moving Forward with Ideas, Concepts and New Theories 

  21 st Century Metaphysical Thinking

  Open mind thinking leads to new discoveries 

American Academy of Meta-Physicist

Object: It is the object of this academy to bring together, like-minded, meta-physicist, working together for the advancement of human knowledge in the science of 21st century metaphysics, a religious and/or spiritual science, expressing their thoughts in metaphysical equation; to establish a working unity, among all metaphysical members.


Mission: It is the mission of this academy to establish a platform and communication through the understanding of a common ground which we all love as metaphysics. To bring together Meta-physicist, metaphysician, natural scientist, philosophers, theologians, and others all working together using our metaphysical equation model to share new ideas, concepts and theories in the science of metaphysics; for the purpose of establishing and building creditability amount our fellow collages in the scientific community.

Membership: The membership is open and free for all profession people both academy and independent with doctrinal degree in metaphysics, philosophy, physics and other sciences. It is open and free for the metaphysical student and to the general public as our support group.

Note: a small Fee of $5.00 is charged to help cover for postage and for your membership certificate.


Equation: E and used to express your theories.


Theoretical guidelines:  All meta-physicist must formula their theories within the guideline of our “Metaphysical Mechanic”


Note: New principles may be added to explain our “metaphysical mechanic” science. This will be done on the majority vote of all members.

Publication: For a free of $5.00 your new theory can be published on our website copied righted in your name. Your theory will get exposure to the open world through the internet.


Committees: Those members who wish to be active within our metaphysical circle can form committees and ask other members if they would like to sit on committee.


Independent: Those people who have studied and work hard to earn their Masters and Doctrine degree from a non-accredited university, college or institute. Your input, research, articles, and theories are just as important as those from an academic school, you are important.

Types of Committees:

  1. To review members new theories
  2. To add new principle to our metaphysical mechanic” science
  3. Establish a professional journal for members to submit article of interest in metaphysics, seminars and events.
  4. To be in charge of an annual convention for all metaphysical professional, trade show, etc.
  5. To approve metaphysical university, colleges and institution, from those which maybe a fraud, thus protecting our members and the general public. 


If interested email me by going to my contact page