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  Moving Forward with Ideas, Concepts and New Theories 

  21 st Century Metaphysical Thinking

  Open mind thinking leads to new discoveries 

Introduction to Metaphysics Equation

Copyrighted-(C) 2006


Dr. John A. Hozvicka Msc.B, D.Sc., D.D.

Theoretical Meta-physicist



We are Meta-Physicist


      We live in a universe that holds to the teaching of polarity, everything having an opposite to it existence, such as positive and negative energy, male and female gender, hot and cold state of matter and so on; and such it is with metaphysics, for it is the opposite yet the foundation of natural physics. Both field of science are interacting and dependent upon one another in the, existence and reality, the operation, and explanation of the universe and the cosmos.   


We are Meta-physicist and 21st. Century Metaphysics is our science which we love. We as Meta-Physicist understand that metaphysics as a science has nothing to do with the practice of occultism. The word “Meta” means beyond or higher order or level of spiritual knowledge . Metaphysics study those things that are beyond the normal range of natural physics. We are a pure science trying to understand the spiritual energy of our body, of our conscious soul, and of the world around us which interacts with each other and the universe.

     Metaphysics is taught in colleges and university as speculative philosophy. Socrates (470-399 BC), a Greek philosopher was the first to write on the subject and coined its name. Aristotle (384-322 BC) also addressed the subject with his views and thoughts on the subject. St. Thomas Aquinas wrote a treatise on the subject.

     Many modern day psychologists have taken much of their idea from Metaphysics, such men as Sigmund Freud (1875-1937) and Carl Jung (1875-1961). Great men of Metaphysics have contribute much in the understanding of the conscious and subconscious mind and its influence and power of attraction in our environment, such men as Ernest Holmes (1887-1960) and Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965). Dr. William Hornaday are others who writings and lectures have contributed much to the development of 21st century thinking on metaphysics.

     Mysticism is very much a part of metaphysics because it deals with the spiritual side of man’s nature and the practice of achieving oneness with the Creator. In the Catholic Church there are many such men and women who have advance the understanding of metaphysics from a mystical view point such as, St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila.

The Work of a Meta-Physicist

     As Meta-Physicists we do not seek to involve ourselves in the belief of any religion. Our main purpose is the understanding of the function, existence, and potential of the conscious soul and workings of the human spirit. It is my hope that our fellow scientists and theologians will not look upon us as another occult community; but will embrace us as serious scholars working in an area of man’s existence not yet fully touched, studied or understood, an unexplored country "The Potential of the human mind". But that we are serious scholars dedicated to the study of understanding the nature of things that exists beyond the scope of natural physics.

     In the science of physics we have physicist who are experts and specialist in the field of gravity, Magnetism, electricity, optics, and the lower form of energy known as matter, for we know that energy and matter are always interchanging. In the science of metaphysics we too have our physicist. They are called Meta-Physicist an expert and specialist in the study of spiritual energy, conscious physics and the influence of psycho-energy attraction.

     Electricity a thousand years ago was thought of being magical powers of the gods. Electricity existed in the time of Moses and only in modern time do we now understand of its existence, yet only to a limited degree. We can only know of the existence of electricity through our observation and examination of its action and power of influence, because according to its nature, electricity is invisible. There is much of the secret of electricity that we do not fully understand yet because we have not studied it spiritual side of its nature only the physical side.

     Many Meta-Physicists will specialize in the study of holistic and wellness medicine using effective methods of modern day “applied” Metaphysics." Applied Metaphysics uses such techniques as affirmations, meditation, creative/guided imagery, visualization. All proven methods to help people to improve, correct, overcome, restore and potentialize their inner ability.

      As for me I specialize in the field of "Theorectial Metaphysics"  trying to understand the creation, operation and function of a conscious universe; matter & energy, motion & vibration, time & space, and the principles of "Metaphysics Mechanics." Below are the symbols we meta-physicist use in formulating equation of our science, to explain and express our theories.

Equation is a language that uses symbols to express  new concepts and ideas.

Metaphysical Equations Symbols

Symbols    There Meaning

              Equal to; equal; resulting in or as

  1.         Greater than; any symbol before

        This one is greater than any

        Symbol following it.

     <          Lesser than;

     /          The joining of two symbols

    1:          As one; any symbol of two elements

                 Or substance or entity and becoming



     %         Integration; the joining process of two

                 or more elements, substance, entity’s


     X          Changes; alters; transforms.


              Generates; produces, example: the

                  human body generates an energy



     TT         Universal intelligent: all living things

                   have universal intelligent, instructing

                  Living matter (organism/cell) how

                  To consume food, eliminate waste,

                  And to reproduce, instinct.


     Y           Creates; anything new that is brought

                  Into existence.


     +           This symbol tells us that any symbol

                   Before this one animates, brings to life

                  any symbol that follows this one.


     OO        This symbol of infinity, indefinitely



     :            Equivalent to; as, or identical with, to



     <>         Separation.


     ___        And, including


     \*/        Trilogy of being, the unity of mind,

                   Body, and spirit. Used only in human



     [  ]         Bracket: used to state a fact


     {   }       Parentheses: this sign indicates that

                  The symbol enclosed by them are to be

                  Taken as one action, one unite, becom-

                 ing one or one cause.  


     @         Reverse equation or action.


     V         Possessing: having as


     &         Alternating polarity


              Causing (change, development, action)


     ?          The return to its original State, shape,

                 Form, or existence.


     H^       Human Soul; a living being


     E^       Emanate from

     ^          Influences

     C:         Corresponding


Equation terms expression of physics:


     Mi            Matter (inorganic)

     Mo           Matter (organic)

     Ms           Mass

     Ds            Density

     V1            Volume

     Vc            Velocity

     Ti             Time

     Sp            Space

     Lt             Light

     H              Heat

     Em           Electromagnetic

     Gr             Gravity

     Mv            Momentum

     Op            Optics

     Sc.          Spectrum  

     A*             Air

     M*            Moisture

     Fq             Frequency

     VB             Vibration

     Wa             Wave

      Pa             Particle

     Eg              Energy


Equation terms for the expression of Life


     Bm          Bio-matter

     Pb           Physical body

     Lf           Life

     Fr           Form: size and shape of living



Note: All living matter (created or evolved) must have form, mass, structure which gives it identity.


Equation terms for expressing Energy


     *S          Divine Spirit: The life giving


     Au        Aura: Energy field that surrounds

                  all living matter

     Ch        Chakra: Energy centers of the body

     Bf         Bio-Dynamic field

     Ve        Vibratory energy

     Pe         Positive energy

     Ne         Negative energy

     Ef          Electrical Fields

     Eip        Electrical Impulse

     Tpe        Tempter

     Pr          Pressure


Equation terms for the expression of consciousness


     Ig         Imagination: a form of mental


     Me       Memory: Mental energy

     T:        Thought

     Tp       Thought Pattern: another form of

                 mental energy.

     Ptp      Positive thought patterns: mental


     Ntp      Negative thought pattern: mental


     Ct        Creative thought: mental energy

     D1       Delta level; of consciousness

     T1       Theta level: of consciousness

     A1       Alpha level: of consciousness

     B1       Beta level: of consciousness

     It         Intelligent

     C.        Consciousness

     Sc.       Subconsciousness

     Mr       Mental reasoning

     Sa        Self Awareness

     R      Reason

     Cc.       Collective Consciousness

     Int.       Intuitive


Equation terms

expression of action and reaction


     Rt        Retention: retaining information

     Rp        Repetition

     Af         Affirmation: stating a fact

     Mt        Meditation

     CV        Creative Visualization

     Rf         Re-enforcement

     Df         Dominating factor