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  Moving Forward with Ideas, Concepts and New Theories 

  21 st Century Metaphysical Thinking

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“Metaphysical Mechanics"

Copyrighted-(C) 2014


Dr. John A. Hozvicka Msc.B, D.Sc., D.D.

Theoretical Meta-physicist

     Welcome to "best science," Metaphysics. Like Newtonian mechanics and Quantum mechanics," we in metaphysics being a more spiritual nature science also have our "Metaphysical-mechanics" from which we obtain our knowledge and understanding of things.  The fundamental principles laid out here in these treatise shall be the working model of natural physics of the universe and of nature, from which metaphysics will base all their equation from. Working from the concepts of these principles as a basis, we can start developing new models and theories of the universe that include the divine spirit as a unknown source of energy, like that of electricity, which was once unknown: and the concept of a conscious universe.

"That God has order all things according to measure, numbers and weights"

                                                                           Book of Wisdom 11:21

     Our branch of study within the science of metaphysics do not use mathematic in our equations because we are not measuring or examining any aspect of the universe or to define its operation, but are expressing ideas and concepts only from which we can hypostasize new theories of the spiritual side of nature and of the universe that can be formulated into new molds in cosmology.

     We live in a world and universe that hold to a two side of nature where everything has an opposite to its existence, that operates under the laws of polarity. To name just a few example: Positive electricity / negative electricity. We have hot water and cold water, male and female, boy and girl, and light and dark. Our universe also has two sides to it nature of existence, the physical side and the spiritual side; and from this concept we now can go into the principles of our universe spiritual side. 

*First Principle: The Divine Creator. The universe was created by a supreme being, the architect of the universe, exercising a grand design with an infinite purpose govern by fundamental principles. The Creator is revealed under many names in the writing of the holy books of all faith. All research and evidence in science points to a grand design having order, govern by principles and laws created by a supreme being. These laws of the universe are so profound and precise,  that it cause Werner Von Braun, the father of our space program, to believe in the existence of God. No scientist can call himself a true scientist that denies the existence of a intellectual mind that created all that is around us, for the universe did not come about by chance like in a game of dice.

"That there is a Spirit that manifest in the laws of the universe, a Spirit vastly superior to that of man"               

Albert Einstein

There are other theory’s that can explain the beginning and the reality of the universe and its laws of operation other than that of a Creator, the Supreme Being and architect that is the First cause of all creation. As a theologian I have no problem in stating the fact that in the dark ages the Church was wrong in its suppression of new scientific finding and theories of the universe because of limited mental ideology. As a Theoretical Meta-Physicist, I have no problem stating the fact that the universe is created by a divine spiritual energy that emanates from a Creator.

"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind, this mind is the matrix of all matter."

                                                                 Max Planck


                                                    The father of Quantum Physics

The formula below is my expression of the Creator I call God and His being.  This must be stated as a fact, and once accepted becomes the foundation of all reality in metaphysics; and becomes open to further interpretation and understanding.       



                                    (*G)         ____________


Formula: God (*G) is all powerful (*Ap) and (-) all knowing (*Ak).

     All equations are expressions of an idea and concept that relates to a working design and purpose.

*Second Principle: The principle of creation. The divine Spirit of the Creator moved by divine consciousness that emanated from the Creator very being and directed by His divine consciousness exercised a force greater than the time when the universe was at its maximum moment and brought our universe into existence. This divine Spiritual energy is the element of connection that acts as a unified field holding all things in the universe together under a common force. This divine Spirit is the energy of which Einstein was looking for in his unified field theory.  The divine Spirit in theological term may be the same as so say “strong force,” an energy expressed through natural physics.

Strong force is a fundamental interaction of nature that acts between subatomic particles of matter. The strong force binds quarks together into clusters to make more-familiar subatomic particles, such as protons and neutrons. It also holds together the atomic nucleus and underlies interactions between all particles.

Our five senses (sight, touch, smell, hear, and taste) is what we use to translate the multitudes of vibration we experience everyday. Through our five senses is how we learn about the world around us, it is through them we know that the universe and our world is real. Many scientist will testify that it is through our five senses is how we know of reality.


There is a reality that exists and we are not aware of it because it exists beyond our five senses, so we know nothing of this reality, yet it is real and it exists

*Third Principle: The process of creation. The divine Spirit of the Creator, directed by divine consciousness, turned inward and reflected upon its self and lowered its vibration frequency to the level equal to the manifestation of our known universe, on a visible and invisible level creating matter and energy with light becoming the first element of creation. When this light reached its flash point it then become the spark that ignited the forces of the universe in what natural physicist call the big bang. The word was spoken, “God said, Let there be Light, and there was light” (Gen. 1:3). Kirlian photography is proof of an existing spirit, and this same spirit fills the universe.

     At the turn of the 19th century, men of science stopped believing in God and separate them self from religion by using such words as quanta and matrixes in the last 50 years, and now dark energy. To call it spirit would acknowledge what they already know, that religion was correct the last four thousand years, spirit is the underlying energy of all matter, energy and subatomic partials.

*Fourth Principle: The principle of vibration and motion. Everything in the universe is in motion, each vibrating at its own level of frequency according to its creation. Example: wood vibrates at a frequency level equal of that of wood, thereby manifesting wood, and iron vibrates at its level of creation, manifesting iron.  Vibration can be altered by human thought through the subconscious mind that is moved by human emotion and creates a vibration of the physical body at a frequency that attracts elements of the same frequency.

*Fifth Principle: The principle of spiritual unified binding field. The divine Spirit is the underlying force (maybe known as strong force) that connects and binds the atoms of the universe together. It is the dynamics that binds gravity, electromagnetic energy, particles of space, both the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force, and optics, all co-existing at its various levels of vibration, yet still united. The Divine Spirit is the missing element in the equation in a unified field theory. As electricity was once unknown and later became the element of creating light, so the Divine Spirit as yet is still unknown but exists as the force which holds everything together. Light can not move through the emptiness of space, yet sun light from our sun and star reach our planet, so space is then not empty. In the old days it was thought that space was filed with what they called "aeither." In religious circle it is called the "Divine Spirit of God" that fills, occupy,  moves and creates and holds our universe as we see it together ; the unified field which Einstein was looking for.

*Sixth Principle: The principle of matter & energy. All matter is a storage battery of energy, locked up, and ready to be released as energy. Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at various levels of frequency and the origin (creation) of all energy is manifested in realty of a physical universe is the result of the Divine Spirit of the Creator. Alter the vibration of any element of matter to the correct frequency that matter will alter and release energy.

Example: Iron is made up of solid matter, but when acted upon by heat, an outside force, the molecules of iron starts to vibrate at a higher level of frequency; when the breaking of the surface tension is reached, the iron will alter its composition turning into a liquid state. As you increase the temperature of the heat the vibration and motion will increase to a level where the liquid iron turns into vapors, again altering its natural state. The iron now appears to disappear but in reality it’s still with us, in the air. From this state the next altered level would be pure energy.

*Seventh Principle: The principle of first cause. The Divine Spirit is the first cause of everything in the universe and in nature. All matter, fields, and energy can be traced back to spirit as the underlying dynamic, making it the first cause of everything. 

Note: The foundation of all science started out on the principle of studying nature and the universe to understand God mysteries. Since its creation, science has lost its way from the path that leads to God mysteries, by separating themselves from God and religion.

*Eighth Principle: The principle of interaction, where everything is interconnected by spirit (energy), and interacting with each other by dynamics, and interdependent with each other through co-existence of homeostasis. All things in the universe strive to reach, move toward or maintain balance and homeostasis.

*Ninth Principle: The principle of opposition, where everything in the universe and nature has two sides possessing an opposite and equal position. The operation of this principle is govern under the laws of polarity.

Example: We have positive energy, but we also have negative energy which is the opposite of positive. The earth has a north magnetic pole and a south magnetic pole as it’s opposite, we have hot and cold, and the list goes on.

     In metaphysics we believe in the spiritual reality of our known physical universe, as our universe have physical matter and energy, our universe of empty space is filled with the spiritual energy that can be observed and how it interacts with matter and energy. Modern physicist today call this dark matter which no one knows what it is, no evidence of its existence, but yet can be observed. This dark matter may as well be the spiritual element of the universe that reflects the opposite side of the universe. 

*Principle Ten:  The Earth: Geocentric


The earth was created and brought into existence and hung in space upon nothing (Job 25:7 KJV). It becomes fixed in the center of the universe, rotating on its axis and the moon orbiting around the earth (Ps. 96:10 and Ps. 104:5). As the earth rotates on its axis giving us night and day and the hours of its rotation and as its axis tilts forward and back it gives us the seasons (Gen. 1:4-5 and14). The earth is located at the center of the universe which is the creation point from which all stars and planets emanated from, moving outward expanding into space and creating our universe as we see it today. The fact is that no experiment can detect absolute motion of the earth.


Microwave radiations background is the oldest form of light in the universe manifesting hot and cold spots that have aligned them selves in a straight line to a special axis to the earth. This special attraction between the earth and these hot and cold microwave radiation spots is held in place and aligned with the creation point which is the center of the universe, by a special energy or force different from that of gravity that I call “Geo-Dynamics Field.” This alignment was discover from the data obtain from three satellite sent out to record the cosmic microwave background of the universe over a 20 year period (1990 the COBE probe, 2001 the anisotropy probe (WMAP), and 2009 the Planck probe) all three satellites confirm the earth being at the center of the universe, evidences that open minded scientist cannot ignore as facts.