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  Moving Forward with Ideas, Concepts and New Theories 

  21 st Century Metaphysical Thinking

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The Fundamental of 21st Century Metaphysics 

Second Principle of Metaphysical Mechanic

“The principle of creation”

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Dr. John Hozvicka  D.MSc., D.Sc., D.D.

Theoretical  Meta-Physicist

The divine Spirit of creation is the all encompassing energy or force, invisible, yet vibrant and filling all areas of the universe with the ability of creation as it integrates and animates all matter and energy at various levels of frequency; thus becoming the underlying force of gravity that shapes our universe.

                                                                                   [*S a< {*Cr/w^}

Equation: The Divine Spirit (*S) act according (a<) to the Creator (*Cr) will (W^).

The Divine Spirit (*) acts according (a<) to the Creators (*Cr) Will (W^); A basic teachings of the science of metaphysics. The Creator, being wise, intelligent, almighty, full of love, eternal and divine in all nature; the first cause of everything in the known and unknown universe. To think and believe that the universe came about without the help of an intellectual supreme being or of a divine plan is the thinking and the way of a fool.   

[*S % Mi] = [*S + Mi]


Equation: The divine Spirit (*S) integrates (%) with inorganic matter (Mi) resulting in (=) the divine Spirit (*S) animating (+) inorganic matter (Mi).


The divine Spirit can move, influence, change, alter, and transform, its self and the things around it in the universe; its ability to create is unlimited.

Definition of Spirit

     Since the word spirit is not generally used in the scientific community we must now turn to other circles for our source of information, and that source will come from the religious community, under the branch that study theology and divinity. Because I use words associated to religion please do not close your mind to the fact that will turn you from the truth of all reality.  

1: Spirit is the immortal essence, animating principle, and actuating cause of a person’s life. (Dictionary of the Liturgy, 1989)

2: The word “spirit” comes to us from the Hebrew word Rauach which means breathe, wind, vital element, and mind. Translated from the Greek word Preuma it means breath, wind, and spirit. It is the divine energy or life giving principle that animates (bring to life) human beings. It is the energizing spark of essential life to individual existence. (Seventh - day Adventist Bible Dictionary, volume 8, 1979 ED

Definition on Relativity:

1. The state of being dependent for existence on or determined in nature, value, or quality by relation to something else (Merriam Webster)

2. The dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observer objects, especially regarding the nature and behavior of light, space, time, gravity (Oxford dictionaries).

Two known Energy

     We must make the distinction between the understandings of two forms of energy, the spiritual form and the physical form, of which the physical form is the by-product of the spiritual form:

 1. Divine Spirit of creation: known to man through observation, but not completely understood, but existing at a very high level of vibration that creates and sustains all life. The divine Spirit of creation exists in an ultimate high level of frequency, hard to measure yet the very essence that created our known universe. The divine Spirit, in our physical universe, is fluid and ever altering and changing.

2. Mechanical (physical) energy: This is the energy we all know of such as gravity, electrical & magnetic energy, light (and color), cosmic rays, X-ray, microwave, radio wave, gamma rays, ultra-violet rays, and Kinetic energy, etc. It is the spiritual source from which this mechanical energy is created from, each existing on its own level of frequency.

Three major invisible form of Energy

There exist in our universe three powerful forces that control such energy that moves, influence, alters our universe, yet all three have the same characteristic, and we know of them only through our observation of there action and reactions around us. All three are invisible, all three have the power to influence, all three have the ability to hold and bind together, all three acts as a medium in which light and wave can move through. The three forces I’m talking about are:

The Divine Spirit of Creation



“And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Gen. 1:2 KJV the Spirit of God is the creating force that brought the universe into existence.

All three are one and the same existing on different levels of vibrations according to there corresponding frequencies; the divine Spirit is the creator of the other two. This Divine Spirit is the ether field by which the universe is held together. In today science, what physicist calls “dark energy” maybe a step closure to understanding the divine Spirit.     


All space in the universe and on earth is occupied by the Divine Spirit acting as a medium in which light and waves, gravity and all forms of energy can travel through.  Einstein theory of relativity shows that gravity shapes our universe, which helps explain various actions and movement of various planet and stars in our universe; the divine Spirit is the creative force that shapes gravity. 


1.A boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events occur and have relative position and direction, physical space independent of what occupies it — called also absolute space  the region beyond the earth's atmosphere or beyond the solar system. (Merriam Webster)

2. The infinite extension of the three-dimensional region in which all matter exists, The expanse in which the solar system, stars, and galaxies exist; the universe. b. The region of this expanse beyond Earth's atmosphere. (The free Dictionary by Farles).

3. The unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur. The portion or extent of this in a given instance; extent or room in three dimensions: the space occupied by a body. Extent or area in two dimensions; a particular extent of surface: to fill out blank spaces in a document. (


Thought Experiment#1

Each color of a spectrum vibrates at its own level of frequency; yet, all the colors can be combined together within the structure of light creating white light. Every vibration is in direct relation to its level of frequency and the underlying force is the divine Spirit of creation.    

                                                              VB {Eg – Mi} = Fq

Equation: every vibration (VB) of energy (Eg) and (-) Matter (Mi) is equal (=) to the frequency (Fq) that sustains its existence.

     If the frequency were to change than the energy and matter will altar its shape, form and existence; and transform into something different.

Example: when an atom of uranium is split its vibration is distributed and the binding force holding it together is also split resulting in an atom explosion; releasing a tremendous among of energy of light and heat, again altering its vibration and frequency according to its new creation of light and heat.  

Paranormal Phenomena:

There have been documented paranormal phenomena that physics and other science are unable to explain or understand, yet through there observation of its actions and reaction it can no longer be denied. These phenomena are so unique in its nature that it caused the creation of a new field of science we know as parapsychology; studying those things (phenomena) that at the momentum defy reasoning.

Within the last 100 years we are learning more and more about the ability of the human mind and its effects on our universe and here on earth. It has been seen and witness by many how the human mind can influence and direct energy at will. The true spirit of a human being is a fragment of the created energy, it is composed of pure divine spiritual energy of the Creator, which is unlike any other form of energy.

1. The Spirit as Power. The opinion that the Spirit is not a person is partially based on the fact that very often He is described as a power coming from God, falling on people, and enabling them to do certain tasks (e.g., Judges 3:10; Acts 2:4). Moreover, the Greek word for “spirit” (pneuma) is neuter, that is to say we can refer to the Spirit as “it,” implying that He is not a person. But that is a phenomenon of Greek grammar that doesn’t necessarily have any theological significance.