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Conscious Matrix on subatomic Practical

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Dr. John A. Hozvicka D.Msc., D.Sc., D.D.

Theoretical Meta-physicist

     As our universe continue to unfold and evolve, we have come to learn that it changes, alter, creates and moves according to the power of human emotional thoughts that influences and controls it. This is all done on the subatomic level which is the building block of the universe. All known elements have a nucleus having a positive proton, a neutral neutron and around its shell in orbit are electrons making up the subatomic structure. We must all come to the realization that every thing in the universe is connected.  

     At the turn of the 20th century, in 1927 there was a conference of physicist, the Solvay Conference were they come to realize that there is a force or energy, better known as “Spirit” in metaphysics, as an underlying element of creation the matrixes of all matter and energy and that human consciousness effects the observation of our experiments.

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrixes of all matter.”

                                                                          Max Planck


“Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that there is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe. A spirit vastly superior to that of man”

                                                                              Albert Einstein


These great men come to understand that our minds can alter our experiments through its influence on a subatomic particles level by altering its vibration and bringing about change, and this resulted in the birth of quantum mechanics.  One of the subject matter in which draws great interest in Parapsychology is “Mind over Matter.” The ability of human thoughts having power over matter.

Spiritual Unified Field

In metaphysics we hold that all things are united and connected by an underlying energy holding all things together. It is this invisible and all encompassing substance we meta-physicist call “Spirit” that the human mind can influence and direct and this Spirit is the influencing force that moves and alters the subatomic particles manifesting change.  

This Spirit is all around us and it brings reality into our life as it interacts with human thoughts bringing change and altering our reality according to our thoughts. 

The divine universal Spirit is all around us just as electricity is every ware. Our mind can influence and direct this Spirit and use it to alter the universe, our personal world, and manifest our most inner desire. We must understand that it is our emotions of an excited state that moves our thoughts and move the creative Spirit to alter the action of the subatomic particles of the universe. Of course we can not direct our thoughts without first having faith; for nothing can be accomplish without faith, that most powerful driving emotion.

                               {H/C.} % {E:} ^ S* ^ {Sa/P+} = X

Equation #1: The human (H), consciousness (C.), integrated (%) with a strong emotion (E:), influences (^) the creative Spirit (S*), that influences (^) subatomic (Sa), particles (P+) resulting in (=) change and altering (X) of events, desires and needs.

Paranormal studies

For centuries people have formed clubs in the interest of researching the possibility of there being “Ghost” and “Spirit” and more and more eye witness are coming fort in testifying of their life after death experiences. The study of paranormal phenomena are being recorded and researched, and many university today are teaching the science of parapsychology; so the idea of there being a divine Spirit existing as the energy or force that hold this universe together  as the unified field does not seem so difficult to accept as it did two hundred years ago.

Today paranormal investigators hunting ghost (spirit) entity using the state of the art Tecknowledge such as “Ambient Temperature Sensor”,  “Electromagnetic Field Sensor” and “Geophone”. Because when real spiritual energy appears in a given area the temperature in that area drop to cold, as well as a change in intensity in the electromagnetic field; all giving reason that a spirit is in the room or area.

“Now there is a collaboration between UCLA scientists and colleagues from the California Institute of Technology has shown that humans can actually regulate the activity of specific neurons in the brain, increasing the firing rate of some while decreasing the rate of others. And study subjects were able to do so by manipulating an image on a computer screen using only their thoughts.” UCLA Newsroom, by Mark Wheeler Oct. 27, 2010


The Structure of Man

The creative Spirit, directed by divine will, and moved by divine love integrates into inorganic matter creating bio-matter (living matter). The divine will then infuses into the bio-matter form (body) and part of the creative Spirit bringing into existence a conscious (mind) soul, creating a living being (Man) Gen. 2:7. Man constitution is made up of three elements 1. body, 2. spirit, and 3. mind all three integrated and interdependent upon each other. It is the spiritual aspect of the three that makes up the foundation. If the spirit becomes weak, illness sets in on the physical level.  

The Equation for Man Foundation

                                V Hs  -  Fr

   (S* + Mi) y Bm = ---------------- y H^ a living being (conscious soul)


Equation #2: creative Spirit (S*) animates (+), inorganic matter (Mi) creates (y) bio-matter (Bm), resulting in (=) possessing (V) human spirit (Hs), and (-) form (Fr.) a body, and consciousness (C.) creating (y) human soul (H^). (Gen. 2:7).

Structure of Human Consciousness

The human consciousness operates on four levels of frequency (Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta) through two levels of consciousness (Conscious and subconscious).

Beta waves: 12.5 to 30 Hz


Brain waves or beta rhythm, is the term used to designate the frequency range of human brain activity between 12.5 and 30 Hz (12.5 to 30 transitions or cycles per second). Beta waves can be split into three sections: Low Beta Waves (12.5–16 Hz, "Beta 1 power"); Beta Waves (16.5–20 Hz, "Beta 2 power"); and High Beta Waves (20.5–28 Hz, "Beta 3 power"). Beta states are the states associated with normal waking consciousness with reasoning and solving problems, the thinking process.


Alpha wave: 7.5 to 12.5 Hz

Alpha waves are neural oscillations in the frequency range of 7.5–12.5 Hz. arising from synchronous and coherent (in phase or constructive) electrical activity of thalamic pacemaker cells in humans. They are also called Berger's wave in memory of the founder of EEG.

Alpha waves can be used during time of study for the retention of knowledge, the student can double there retention rate and absorb more information in an alpha state of consciousness. Parapsychologist have investigated so called spiritual healers and found many fraud but those who were true healers, at the time of their healing, research found them to be in an alpha state of mind at 10 cycles per second. 

An alpha-like variant called mu (μ) can be found over the motor cortex (central scalp) that is reduced with movement, or the intention to move. Alpha waves seem not to appear until three years of age.

Theta wave: 3 to 8 Hz


Theta waves generate the theta rhythm, a neural oscillatory pattern in electroencephalography (EEG) signals, recorded either from inside the brain or from electrodes glued to the scalp. Two types of theta rhythm have been described. The "hippocampal theta rhythm" is a strong oscillation that can be observed in the hippocampus and other brain structures in numerous species of mammals including rodents, rabbits, dogs, cats, bats, and marsupials. "Cortical theta rhythms" are low-frequency components of scalp EEG, usually recorded from humans. Theta rhythms can be quantified using Quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) using freely available toolboxes, such as, EEGLAB or the Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox (NBT).


Delta wave: .5 to 3 Hz

A delta wave is a high amplitude brain wave with a frequency of oscillation between 0.5–4 hertz. Delta waves, like other brain waves, are recorded with an electroencephalogram. (EEG) and are usually associated with the deep stage 3 of NREM sleep, also known as slow-wave sleep (SWS), and aid in characterizing the depth of sleep

Equation of Conscious Thought


Sc. V --------------------    = Ct 

 {Ig – Me - Ra}

Equation #3: The subconscious mind (Sc.) possess (V) Delta level (D1), Theta level (T1), Alpha level (A1) and Beta level (B1) waves (W) of consciousness, also possessing (V) Imagination (Ig) and (-) memory (Me), and reasoning (Ra), resulting (=) in Creative Thought (Ct).

Consciousness: Objective mind Five Senses

  1. It’s the creative mind, the thinking mind Seeing
  2. It’s the Educated mind, the learning mind 
  3. It’s the intellectual mind Smell
  4. It’s the reasoning mind, problem solver Taste Touch (feeling)

The Conscious Mind

Thinking Mind

The Knowing Mind



The Subconscious Mind

Programmed Paradigm

You’re Seat of Emotions

Subconsciousness: Subjective mind

  1. The inner core, the paradigm
  2. The paradigm that dictates our beliefs and actions
  3. It dictates how we think about certain issues
  4. The Psychic/intuitive (invisible/Spiritual)

 The Emotional mind: Perception

  1. The Inner Core of your Belief System: Creative Imagination
  2. Your Programmed Paradigm: Will Power
  3. Your controlled Habits: Seat of Memory
  4. Abstract Concepts: Abstract Reasoning

Thought Projection:

Thought Projection is an extremely rare because of untrained minds, yet very powerful in its ability to alter reality one's imagination is combined with human emotions, and is hence related to Projection. Among other thing, the trained person can also use this ability to teach this ability of thought projection to another person. The degree of permanence these changes to reality are unknown. Thought Projection is an extremely coveted power.

Through thought projection powered by human emotions, can influence the subatomic particles vibration and alter its structure to bring about change and alter the unfolding universe. Thought waves can influence sound which excites the subatomic particle and alters its frequency. This becomes the basic understanding of the law of attraction. Human emotion is in itself energy and strong emotions will cause movement that is directed by the thoughts of the human mind.

Subatomic Practical:

All matter and energy on a subatomic level vibrates at the frequency it was created at, such as a hammer vibrates at a frequency of that of a hammer as does a wood from a tree vibrates at it own frequency. The subatomic particles are made up of a positive proton, and a neutron, that is housed in a shell called the nucleus with electrons in orbit around it.


Due to the consistent vibration induced through thermal energy, they are permanently deviating from their equilibrium position. Elastic waves of different lengths, frequencies, and amplitudes run through crystalline solids at all times. The typical order of the atomic vibrations frequencies is 1013 Hz, and that of the amplitudes is 10−11 m.

^ - M - Eg

           {T./Eg} ^ S* = -------------- = X (Fq) on a (Sa+{p+}

[Em] - Gr

Manifesting what ever the person has their mind focused on.

Equation #4: Thought Energy (T./Eg) results in (=) influencing (^) mass (M) and (-) Energy (Eg) and (-) electromagnet energy (Em) and (-) Gravity (Gr) result in (=), Changing (X), frequency (Fq) of Subatomic particles (SaP).

Human emotions as a source of energy in an excited state can raise the beat level brain wave that effects, change, and alter the stable existence of a subatomic nucleus and create or establishes an attraction of those subatomic elements to bring about change and manifest those things the person is thinking of and has focus their emotions on.

Strong human emotion is an energy source that exist the subatomic particles and stimulate them to attract others energy that carry the same frequency and manifest whatever the person have their mind focused on, this is the quantum leap in action.

Human Thoughts on scientific Experimentation:

Because human thought can influence the action of the subatomic nucleolus, especially if the observer is in a high state of emotional being, then we can alter the experiment and not achieve the result we are looking for; or not obtaining the true facts of the experiment. So this makes us unable to be certain of our results.    

Understanding the Law of Attraction


     Read the following statements and learn all there is about the law of attraction, and as you read these statements over and over every day you will begin to understand and believe. The key word here is “Believe” and as your faith increases from reading each statement, you will begin to attract success into your life as you start focusing on those things you want and start practicing the law of attraction, every day of your life. The law of attraction responds to your inner core beliefs (paradigm).


“Our thoughts are sending out positive or negative-Magnetic vibrations that will return back to you on whatever you where thinking, good or bad, and manifest its self”


“The universe responds to our thoughts so do not think about what you don’t want; instead always think about those things you do want.”


“The law of attraction will give you what you mostly think about.”

“The law of attract is forever working, moving, altering, changing itself to manifest your most inner thoughts.”


“The Universe is forever creating and your thoughts become part of that creating process, manifesting your most inner desires and thoughts.”


“Think of the Universe as a big shopping catalog where you can place your order of all your wants and desires, ready to physically manifest your order.”


“Fact: A positive affirmative thought is a hundred times stronger, more powerful than a negative one.”


“The Universe always provides you with a grace period (a time delay) before acting upon your thoughts, this allows you to rethink your thoughts and change your mind after you think things through; this way you can make a proper decision.”


“Every person is the Master of his or her own life. You are the architect of your life, the sculpture that creates and shapes your life as you are living it. You are the master of your thoughts.”


“Your emotions support, strengthens, and moves your thoughts up to the universe where it is received and acted upon, according what your thoughts are.”


“Our feelings, the way we feel, good or bad, happy or sad, our feelings is our alert signal that informs our consciousness our state of being. Once we become aware of our bad feelings we can take action to change them and become positive and happy again. This will keep us in line and in tune to the universe.”


“You can feel healthy, successful, rich, and loved and even if it’s not there, the universe hears your cry and will alter itself to relate to that cry and correspond to the nature of your thoughts; and the universe will correspond to the nature of your inner feelings and manifest.”


“Your thoughts and your feeling is what create your life, whether it’s good or bad. If it’s bad then you must change your thoughts and feelings.”


“The good news is your thoughts can change from bad (negative) to good (positive) through a shift of your awareness.”


“Once you control your feelings and always feel good about the things in your life, then attach your thoughts to that good feeling of the things you want and desire and the universe will manifest it.”


“Once you understand this law of attraction, as Jesus once said, “The truth will set you free” John 8:32 and you will be free to change your life around for the better and become the master of your life.”


“Life is pure joy, it’s awesome, it’s magical, and it can be so for you once you learn and practice the law of attraction.”


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