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The Theoretical Meta-physicists

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Dr. John A. Hozvicka D.Msc., D.Sc., D.D.

Theoretical Meta-physicists

Theoretical Meta-physicists have a fascinating job that combines observation with created symbols in order to create and expressed complex formulas that describe the workings of spiritual side the universe around us. Theoretical Meta-physicists often work for universities, corporations or scientific-focused organizations.

A theoretical Meta-physicist uses symbol-based formulas to propose explanations for the many mysteries of the natural phenomena of the universe from a spiritual perspective. A physicist might, for example, use formulas to describe the existence of matter and energy in the universe, or why time slows as an object approaches the speed of light in the now. These theories often work hand-in-hand with experimental physics, helping explain what is discovered experimentally. Theoretical Meta-physicists may have an easier time pursuing their interests because their funding needs are significantly less than what an experimental physicist needs to perform a thought experiment.


Theoretical meta-physicists usually start out with a bachelor's degree in theology and then some form of science. Many take classes in theoretical physics along with foundation-building classes in divinity and Biblical science. Remember, Metaphysics is a spiritual and/or religious science.  Students then go on to obtain masters and doctorate degrees in Metaphysics from university such as “University of Metaphysics” and the “the Esoteric Theological Seminary”. Some graduate and become “Metaphysicians” work with people to heal and bring about spiritual balance in their lives.

Other Meta-physicist may specialize a particular branch, such as elemental physics, quantum mechanics or astrophysics, astronomy, and cosmology. Physicists might pursue a postdoctoral fellowship that gives them a deeper understanding of their specialization after in earning their PhD.


Theoretical Meta-physicists are rather unique scientists. Many people think that intellectual people like meta-physicist and natural physicist are absent-minded, egg-headed, bizarre characters scratching their head while deeply engaged in thought... Well, most of the time you'd be right.

What open-minded scientist does is to try to figure out how the created universe works. That is, why the stars and planet shine, why ice is water and the sky is blue, grass is green, what you are made of and why does "it" weigh that much, why the universe expands, or what energy and matter actually is, and all the spiritual nature that touches all aspect of creation.

 One of the most amazing facts of human life is that all scientists can actually answer some of the questions people have, with the answers progressively becoming better and better (that is, being more and more in agreement with experiences, observations and examinations).

Two questions are often asked: "what is the difference between a theoretical meta-physicist and a natural physicist and why is there a difference?''. The answer to the second question is simple: the two "profession'' do quite different and often very specialized things.

The experimental scientist interrogates Nature directly in the lab, and by observing it passively like astronomers do, building a model of the universe like the cosmologist do, or like subatomic particle scientist do, in "playing'' with Nature's smallest constituents to figure out directly how they behave. The relation between experimentalists and theorists is often one of healthy competition for truth and less healthy competition for fame. But truth can be bypassed or lost when scientist have their minded close to new ideas.


A theoretical meta-physicist today works alone on their own because it is a new and young science and concept. Most of them earn their living by holding an honest job while they continue their metaphysics work in evening hours after work. Each one works hard to make their mark in our society to become recognized and build up their creditability. Each theoretical meta-physicists work quietly in his or her lab, thinking and formulating, studying and analyzing research; trying to understand the secrets of the universe; Gods creation as Johanna Kepler once said “thinking Gods thoughts after him”.  

Some theoretical meta-physicists are blessed and obtain a position and work for universities, teaching their specialized knowledge to students,, become authors and seeking publication in peer-reviewed journals. They join societies of like minded people such as “The Max Planck Society,”
“The Metaphysical Society of America,” World Metaphysical Association and Academy” and contribute article that may advance man’s knowledge.