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The Unified Field Theory

Copyrighted-(C) 2017


Dr. John A. Hozvicka D.Msc. D.Sc, D.D.

Theoretical Meta-physicist


     What holds the universe together? What binds electromagnetic energy with gravity and light with spectrum of colors?  In the late 19th century scientist believe that the universe was filled with what they called “either” and this is what held everything together. In Metaphysics we look at the spiritual side of the universe and see a different concept of what holds everything together. 


     From a metaphysics point of view, we see the universe being filled with the Creator spiritual essence which is the creative force that brings things into existence and holds everything together. The Spirit of creation as the creative force moves throughout space lowering its level of frequency to various level creating electromagnetic radiation, gravidity, matter, black holes, etc. all that makes up our universe existence and direct its operation.

Definition of Divine Spirit:

The Almighty Divine Source is indescribable and formless personage of an all-powerful spirit that is beyond the comprehension of the humans mind, an all Powerful Source; the Divine Spirit is omnipotent (Almighty) and omnipresent (all present, everywhere), the all-powerful force of creation.

Subatomic Level:

     This divine Spirit of God is a power, an energy that emanates from God very being and fills our universe. The divine Spirit is the binding force that connects and holds everything together in our universe. It is the one binding element that connects and holds together matter and energy with gravity and electromagnetic fields, particles of space that unify them. On the subatomic level of this binding, holding things together, in physics this is called “Strong force.”   Strong force is a fundamental interaction of nature that acts between subatomic partials of matter. The strong force binds quarks together in clusters to make more-familiar subatomic particles, such as protons and neutrons. It also holds together the atomic nucleus and underlies interactions between all particles containing quarks.


                                                                                       Q> - L> 

(*S % Gr) ^ ---------- = ^ (Sa/P+)

 Sf  -  Wf


Equation #1


The divine Spirit (*S) integrates (%) with gravity (Gr) which influences (^) quarks (Q>) and (-) Leptons (L>) and (-) Strong force (Sf) and weak force (Wf), results (=), in influencing (^) subatomic (Sa), particles (P+).

                                                                Eg – M - Pr

                                              {*S } B+   ____________ = creating a binding Unified Field

                                                                 Gr – Em - Lt

Equation #2: The divine Spirit (*S) is the force that binds {B+} energy (Eg) and matter (M) and (-) particles of space (Pr) with gravity (Gr) and (-) electromagnetic energy (Em) and Light (Lt); creating a binding known as a unified field.


     This divine Spirit flows all around us, and through us, and lives within us. It binds us with our Creator, establishing between God and man a very special union of a personal nature, and it binds the universe together. The Holy Book say that only the angels of heaven are able to look upon the face and glory of God (Matt. 18:10).

The divine Spirit may vibrate at a frequency equal to that of matter (iron) and it can vibrate at a frequency equal to that of gravity. A divine and single force able to change and alter itself to and vibration crating things according to its frequency than maintaining that frequency and vibration while it alters itself again creating other things, and at all time hold everything together.

Example: Thought idea #1

Think of the divine Spirit as being a fiber optic cable able to transmit millions of messages across its medium, yet holding all things together within its structure. The divine Spirit is the medium and within its structure it is able to move and create, alter and change, hold all things in the universe together within its medium.  All area of space within our universe is occupied by this Divine medium, which allows light to travel through space because it is not a real vacuum as we thought; it may not hold an atmosphere for us to breathe, but it is still not a complete vacuum devoid of everything.


[*S ] V {X} – {%} – {#/Eg} – {Y}

Equation #3

The divine Spirit (*S) influences (V) change (X) and (-) has the ability to integrate (%), and (-) generate (#/Eg) and (-) has the ability to create (Y).

Resulting (=), the influencing (^) the exchanging (Ex) of matter (Mi) and (-) energy (Eg), And(-) 0ccupying (0*) space (Sp) and (-) gravity (Gr).


Through Kirlian photography we now have proof of the existence of the divine spirit at a low frequency of vibration that causes an electrical attraction that displays a field phenomenon image; indicating an invisible field around the human body and inanimate objects that electrons are attracted to giving us an image of that field.


Note: Kirlian photography is a photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges of a invisible field. Kirlian photography, a study of which can be traced back to the late 1700s, was officially invented in 1939 by Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian.  The Kirlian photographic process reveals visible “auras” around the objects photographed



                                                                          Thought Idea #2


Dr. Paul Ehrlich a German professor of medicine, in 1882 Dr. Ehrlich in his medical research found out that using a dye (staining method) and heating it he was able to see the bacteria tubercle bacillus that was the cause of the death of so many children in Germany. With his method of staining, doctors all over the world can diagnose tuberculosis by using a simple microscope in their office. Let’s Compare: The divine Spirit is like the invisible bacteria and the staining method of using dyes (Kirlian photography) shows how electrons is attracted to the invisible field and show us the existence of this field.


Creation of Gravity:


     When the divine Spirit moves and act by lowering its frequency to that equal of the vibration frequency of gravity, then part of the Spirit actually become gravity and fills the universe.


The divine Spirit, like gravity is invisible and unknown and cannot be measure of itself without the reference of something else with it, but we become aware of its existence through our observation and examination, of its actions and reactions in our life and in the universe.  The divine Spirit is the same as the electrical energy, it exist unseen but we become aware of it action and reactions. Gravity, like the divine Spirit cannot be measure of it self for the sake of gravity without involving another element in which to work from.



     (Ex) Mi – Eg

*S ^ ----------------

     (O*) Sp – Gr



Equation #4

The divine Spirit (*S), has the ability of influencing (^) the exchanging (Ex) of matter (Mi) and (-) energy (Eg), and (-) 0ccupying (0*) space (Sp) and (-) gravity (Gr).

Gravity great power of influences, it holds us on the earth, it keeps the planets in orbits around our sun, its does many things including causing the curvature of space.