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Vibration & Motion

Copyrighted-(C) 2014


Dr. John A. Hozvicka D.Msc. D.Sc., D.D.

Theoretical Meta-physicist

     Energy is alive and the cause of vibration at high levels of frequency. Sound which is a mechanical form of vibration that can cause various states of matter to vibrate, such as sold, liquid, gases and even plasmas. This is why a high pitch sound can vibrate at such a rate that it can shatter a wine glass.

     However, these states of matter are already vibrating at a low frequency that our eyes cannot see its motion, because its vibration is out of the range of our eyes perception. When sound acts upon the various states of matter, it raises the vibration level of the object in question which in turn excites the subatomic particles to the level in which the human eye then can observe and examine its effects. 

     Then there is light which we know it to be a vibration of electric and magnetic fields, which can pass through less dense material such as paper. Then there are yet still others form of vibration in our universe like radiation, cosmic rays, microwaves, radio waves and x-rays etc.

    Solid matter like iron vibrates, but at a grosser and with a greater density in a lower level of vibration which we can’t see. But its atomic nature and sub-atomic particles (protons, neutrons, and electrons) are in motion vibrating and moving in a circulars pattern, which can be observed with the electronic microscope. 

     If we were to look deeper, beyond the sub-atomic particles level of existence, we would arrive at pure energy. This energy in its higher form of vibration is pure divine spirit, it is the first cause of all creation of everything we see and know. When we look deeper into the very core of the object that we are studying, we fine the underlying cause of that vibration to be energy itself again but at a lower form of vibration. So from a metaphysics formula the equation would look like this:

      Bm (\) Ms

[*S (+) Mi] (y)   __________   = < [Eg]

       Fr # (<) Vi


Note: Divine Spirit (*S) is an energy which exists but not fully understood. Like electricity, it exists and we know how to use it, but we don’t understand completely.

Equation #1: The divine Spirit (*S) animates (+) inorganic matter (Mi) creating (y) Bio-matter (Bm) possessing (\) mass (Ms) and form (Fr) generating (#) vibration (Vi) resulting in (=) a lesser level (<) energy (Eg) of vibration.

     We must acknowledge the fact that our universe is alive, active and constantly changing. At anytime the universe can alter its state, thus altering the laws that govern the action and operation of the universe. The idea of this altering state was first expressed in a theory called “the principles of uncertainty” formulated by Dr. Werner Heisenberg, a noble prize winner “At no time in the nucleolus of an atom can an observer give an account of the present position of a given electron in motion”

     In the basic structure of atomic matter, it is impossible to give an account of a given electron. Since the atom is the basic structure of all creation, we live in an open system universe. Thereby, if the laws of nature can change, then at anytime the universe can alter.

Thought experiment

     If a person can increase the vibration of his body to a point high enough where he become invisible may also have the ability to walk through a sold wall of greater density; this exercise may require great concentration and will power combined with great faith. At this point, the body may now exist as mere thought, held together by spirit and consciousness.

State of Motion

     As divine spiritual energy is the cause of all vibration so vibration is the cause of all motion.  Everything in the universe has vibration and motion. Since everything is in constant vibration then everything is also in constant motion. Motion cannot exist without vibration, for without vibration there is no motion. The perception of all states of matter and energy visible and invisible exists on two levels of perception, one on a Macro-level and the other on a Micro-level.  Vibration is equal to the divine spirit (force/energy) that acts upon it for it to vibrate and motion is equal to the vibration energy that causes it to move.

Example: An apple on a macro-level will stay at rest on a table until it is acted upon by an outside force such as someone picking it up or a strong wind blowing (Newtonian Mechanics). The apple on a micro-level is vibrating and is in constant motion (Quantum Mechanics). Both levels of perception/reality exist at the same moment, in time and space. The human eye has a range of visible perception allowing us to observe and examine our research. Things that vibrate below our range or above are range will be invisible.

Example: Electromagnetic energy is an invisible energy that exists on a Marco-level that we know of through observation from its action and affects and it exist on a Micro-level in reference to its rate of vibration measure as frequency.  

[M^ = Vi]   ^  M+ - Eg 

Equation #2: Motion (M^) is the result of (=) vibration (Vi) that influence (^) all matter (M+) and (-) energy (Eg).

     We can only observe things that are within our eyes range of perception. Some motion can be seen and examined while others cannot but are made aware of through their actions. Electricity which is invisible in its nature can be studied through its action with motion and its reaction that creates light. 

     When the universe first started at its point of beginning “Let there be Light” (Gen. 1:2) and light came into existence as the first element of creation, the universe was then set into motion. Since creation, matter and energy exchange and expand; and the stars and planets stay constantly in motion through the action and reaction of gravity and electromagnetic fields.

    At the point of flash when light was ignited the big bang took place causing the universe to expand at a high accelerated rate with all matter and energy interacting with each other, forming galaxies and solar system, establishing fields and gravity of attraction. At this point of creation God set in motion the fundamental principles of vibration that all things in the universe vibrate through rhyme and cycles.